Draw With Me – Digital Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

I have been drawing portraits ever since I was a child. There’s something about drawing a face that is just so satisfying.

In the past, I used to do this with just regular paper, some pencils and a national geographic book. I remember I would pick Nat Geo books because they always had the most beautiful people.

Now, growing up I never actually took any art classes so I tried to teach myself what I could from books. And when I started high school and got busier I kind of just left it on the back burner because I didn’t have too much time for hobbies. But when I started to miss it and decided to make time for art, I discovered digital art.

I had already been doing some graphic design projects so I had adobe creative cloud on my computer.

Products Used:

Surface Pro 7: https://amzn.to/3zJXh66 Surface Pen: https://amzn.to/3zFSB0O

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Original Photo:



Ayo Ogunseinde


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